Canon Nikon Tamron

Canon Nikon Tamron
Are there any 3rd Party DSLR Lens?

For Nikon or Canon. BESIDES Tamron And Sigma….

And how UNRELIABLE are they?

Nikon, Canon, Tamron, Sigma… over my budget..

Tokina has a good reputation and I have used them before and they have worked well for me when I used them. There are some links below, the first is to the Tokina website.

There is also Vivitar lenses that use to have a very good reputation back in the early 1980s but now I have not heard great things (but not bad either).

There is Quantaray lenses that Ritz Camera sells and I would stay away from them, they have a very cheap build to them.

The 2nd link below, is to the B&H Photo lense page where you can search for lenses, look to the upper right area and it has a search filter by brand of lens and you will see other names like Bower, Phoenix, Schneider, and some others.

Hope this helps.


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