Canon Rebel Eos

Canon Rebel Eos

Canon Eos Rebel Xs Slr Digital Camera

When you're ready to move to a single-lens Camera Slr, the title = "Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital Slr Camera "> Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital Slr camera might be what you're looking for. When you are looking lines in the digital SLR is a good entry level to this line.

All cameras in this price range are incredible, of course. You will several large photographs that rival anything that a professional can shoot.

However, this Canon is very affordable, being only slightly above price of high-end cameras point and shoot. If people are afraid to pay those big bucks for large Slr Cameras, this could be a good choice.

Here are some of the features of the Canon Rebel XS:

1. When the LCD is up to 2.5 inches in size of this camera that helps keep the camera compact, but allow the user to have a good view of what they will be taking a picture. The menus of these cameras are very important, they are like going to be surfing when you are looking to activate special functions.

2. Since you can buy the body separate from the lens, this is good because it's very low price you can get a quality lens, better to go with him, but end up with a camera for the price very reasonable.

There are so many features, that will take weeks before you are fully informed about the unit, but most people will not use all these features. Being a successor to the XSI is the quality and the overall design is very similar.

Here are some more of the features of the Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP SLR Camera Digital

1. Ten megapixels is about the same as to go when it is to manipulate photos on a computer. Anything above that will take time oversized cargo when introduced in Photoshop. DigicIII Since the sensor in the camera allows image quality to be better than usual, ten megapixel will definitely be an advantage.

2. Although the camera comes with its own software, most people will only use Photoshop, if this level of specialization.

3. A very important feature offered by the camera, which offer little SLR, Live View is. Some Olympus SLR cameras offers this. This means that you can see what's coming through the lens can be seen on the LCD screen.

To be fair, I should mention the disadvantages of the Canon Rebel XS:

1. The Live View takes some getting used to a digital camera. This means that you are seeing what comes through no lens, which comes from the CCD. That is a remarkable difference that has to be experienced to understand. The CCD is the chip that takes the picture. The CCD image can be drastically different from what comes through the lens, especially if you're shooting toward the sun. Many can not get used to that big leap of difference, and love others in the property.

2. Also, because there is no metering, while the live view, which greatly impedes their function.

3. The box plastic makes it look poorer quality than some other cameras in its price range. However, you may notice that the plastic case, which greatly reduces As the weight of the camera. That could be a disadvantage, however, due to less dynamic, more agitated camera.

All-in-all, despite its shortcomings, the Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital Slr Camera is a great range of low-SLR cameras.

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