Canon Rebel Xti

Canon Rebel Xti
What’s the best speedlite for Canon Rebel XTi Slr Camera?

I’m looking to buy a speedlite for my Canon Rebel Xti camera. Can anyone give me any pointers please.

Define “best.”

The high end Speedlite is the 580EX. Not only does it have maximum power, but it will also wirelessly control other Speedlites.

There’s a 580EX II on its way to market that replaces the 580EX. It recycles faster and supposedly yields better exposures.

The 430EX is also good, but with less power.

You can find an older version of the 580, the 550EX online at e-Bay, or from used camera dealers. While slightly less powerful than the 580EX, it’s still got a lot of punch, and it’s much less expensive now.

The real question is what you want to do with the flash. This is the biggest question you need to answer. Will you be shooting where you need maximum power — large rooms, dark banquet halls, etc., or will you be shooting at home, where less power is needed? Will you be planning to use multiple flashes? Is size a factor?

Unfortunately, there’s no good way for anyone else to answer those questions.

If budget is not a concern, go large.

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