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Canon Sigma Sony

Canon Rebel Xsi – Fantastic Dslr

I bought this camera for my wife and she loves it. The camera worked flawlessly, and takes great photos. It was easy for her to learn about features core very quickly and I was taking great pictures of children in minutes. I bought an 8 gb mem card with it thinking we'd need great card because it has 12MP – which usually only uses about 2.3 gigs between discharges (500 + pictures). Great camera input, great price. Now to find largely on a zoom lens …

Canon Rebel Xsi

I've had this camera a couple of weeks and are really nice. I also have a Digital Camera and the elves is a great camera too. Canon Rebel Xsi The control allows you to have as much or as little as you want. It was easy to learn to use and takes amazing photos. The 18-55mm IS USM kit lens Canon is light and takes a second to focus. I also bought the Canon 28-105mm II USM lens and am very satisfied.

If you are trying to decide between a Sony Alpha or Canon Rebel, I suggest going to a store where you can hold both houses and then buy it from Amazon. The Canon feels and looks like a more durable and higher quality of the camera.

Canon Rebel XSi – Excellent camera

What I can tell, the camera is wonderful. This is my first D-SLR and its capabilities are just as possible with this camera. I'm still learning a lot. Very fast and responsive. Just thinking side is that you should buy an Extreme III SD card to handle the speed of the camera. Consumers must have camera.

Canon Rebel XSi – A Amazing camera

This is a great camera! I bought it last month and have had around 1000 images. This is a great camera, only make sure you have a good lens. One great thing about this camera is that I can use my old lenses Sigma 35mm Canon Rebel Camera. Saves a lot of money and produces excellent results! No regret for this purchase.

Canon Rebel XSi – Chamber perfect replacement

After having stolen my original Rebel, which replaces the Canon Rebel XSi. The shutter speed is very fast, the screen is huge so you know immediately if you received the vaccine, and quality of interior photos is fantastic. The battery charges quickly and lasts a long time. Could not be happier with my purchase. No complaints – only I miss my old rebel is the memory card is still there.

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