Canon Sigma Sony

Canon Sigma Sony
Sigma lens for cannon dslr?

Are any Dslr Camera mounts compatible?
e.g. I would like to buy a lens that specifies SIGMA AF MOUNTS. WIll this work with a Canon Camera (EOS 400D) or do I need to buy a lens for each brand of camera?

The lens I am looking at lists this:

Corresponding AF Mounts SIGMA,

Does this mean that there are 5 different versions of this lens, or do any of the mounts “double up”


It means that there are 5 different versions of the lens; none of the mounts “double up.” The Sigma mount itself is very, very close to the Canon mount, but it still won’t fit.

So, when you buy the Sigma lens, make sure it’s for a Canon Eos mount and not one of the other ones.

Years ago, Tamron tried a system where the lenses were identical and the user just changed the back of the lens where the mount was for different makes. Known as the “adaptall” system, it did work. Adaptall mounts seem like a less expensive way to make a lens work with different cameras.

Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS AF for Canon 450d (slideshow)