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Canon Eos 5D Mark Ii And Nikon D3X Digital Camera Review

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Canon has always been associated with some great futuristic technology in camera. In 2005 they had announced a new DSLR category when they had introduced their EOS 5 D model. This model was compact and had a full frame sensor. However, with the introduction of new cameras from Sony and Nikon, Canon has introduced an upgraded model namely the Canon EOS Mark II.

The Cannon EOS 5 D Mark II has scored an edge over its predecessors in resolution and many other features. This camera is way ahead of Nikon and Sony in terms of resolution and features. The Canon EOS 5 D Mark II has some great features like 21 mega-pixels, 1080p video, 3.0 VGA LCD, Live View, higher capacity battery and lots more.

The Cannon EOS 5 D Mark II Camera has anti dust features which means you don’t have to worry about the dust clouding your lenses. It has a DIGIC 4 processor with 14-bit analogue to digital conversion capacity. The shooting rate has improved from 3 fps in its predecessors to an astonishing 3.9 fps.

We all know that Canon cameras give you great quality still pictures, but did you know that the Canon EOS 5 D Mark II is the first DSLR by Canon with high definition (HD) recording feature of 1920 X 1080 pixels (1080 p) at a speed of 30fps? This still camera boosts of the best quality video recording in full HD. The LCD screen has now increased to 3 inch and a resolution of 920 k dot/VGA. You can even connect your camera to HDTV with the HDMI port provided and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The viewfinder of Canon EOS 5 D Mark II boosts of a coverage of 98% and the shutter speed is 150k cycles and 6 AF assist points with 9-point AF system. The Canon EOS 5 D camera is one of the best cameras today for all the photographers whether amateur or professional.

Nikon 3 DX review

Nikon D3 X camera boosts of a high resolution and comes equipped with a full frame sensor. Nikon has been a revered name in photojournalism and sports photography and has now digressed to making high quality image field cameras. The Nikon D3X has a resolution to suit the requirements photographers in the world of art, advertising and fashion.

The Nikon D3X has a reduced burst speed of five frames per second than its predecessor which boasts of a speed of nine frames per second which is primarily due to the high resolution images and increased number of pixels.

The body of D3X is similar to its predecessor D3 and is made of magnesium and has weather proof controls which make the camera ideal for photojournalists and landscape photographers who need to brave the elements for their assignments.

Since this camera has been made primarily keeping landscape photographers in mind it has a great Live View and an auto focus system which can be adjusted and used while the camera is on the tripod stand. The Live View mode also has the virtual horizon display which prevents scary tilts.

A professional studio photographer will find this camera a great help since it can transfer large image files to the computer amidst photo shoots through wireless or cable links.

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