Cap Camera Nikon

Cap Camera Nikon
i need help removing a telefoto nikkor lens from an old nikon Film Camera?

I have a 35 mm film Camera Nikon nikomat, with a nikkor zoom lens 50-300mm attached. I got it from an old friend of the family. (who is now dead). I think something is jammed inside. I cannot see anything when I look through the eyepiece, except darkness (yes, the lens cap is removed). It jams every other shot or so. I cannot remove the lens. The lens twists like it will release, but I cannot remove it. I haven’t been able to use the camera yet. Any ideas? Thanks
answer #1–that’s what i’ve been trying. i have an old nikon regular camera/lens & that’s how i remove it. this one just isn’t working

If the mirror may be in the locked up position, that will cause your viewfinder to be blacked out.

To remove that huge lens, you need to press the lens release button located at the 3 O’clock position as you face the camera next to the lens mount. Once you depress that button, turn the lens clockwise and the lens will come off. All Nikon Slr and DSLR’s work this way from 1959 to present

Do not attempt any repairs yourself. since the camera is jamming, you may find that buying a good used Nikon F4 body will serve you the best … or a newer FM10. You can find good deals on craigslist in a city near you. The “new” used camera may cost less than what you may have to pay to have the old camera repaired, although is is worth taking it in to a camera repair station and have them look at it.
A sample from my area of used Nikon Camera bodies.

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