Cap Canon Camera

Cap Canon Camera

Canon Rebel Xsi camera for the serious enthusiast who knows how to shoot

I own the Canon Rebel Xsi now almost two and a half y. This has been by far one of the best camera I've had. This review is for those who are serious about the collection and use is the camera on an almost daily basis.

I started in photography, an art class at the University requires the University of Mobile. Since I can not draw, paint, or sculpt, the logical choice for me was the photography. While taking photography 101 class I used my roommates Canon Camera with film that has more than thirty years of age. Oh, and I have an "A +" in class. Yeah, who cares right, I know I'm saying.

While shopping for my next serious camera I decided to go with Canon for several reasons. There is more professional photographer who use the Camera Canon than any other brand combined. I was trained and taught first in a Canon camera. Canon lenses offer more choice than any other brand. You can use CANON any lenses you want. The best part is that the sensor buried deep inside the camera is not a full-frame sensor. Unless you are a photographer shooting of an advertising agency that places billboards signs that are most likely never need a full-frame sensor. It gets even better. Because Canon Rebel Xsi is not a full frame sensor you'll find a 6 of a zoom in. This means that you are getting at least one price zoom and a half times the only free purchase of a 1.6 size sensor!

Initially, I bought the target = "_self" title = "Rebel XSi"> Canon Rebel XSi the price and benefits offered. I will not go into every function, only what was and remains important to me. I liked the huge screen of 3 inches in the back of the camera. The screen in terms of color quality is really that good. I initially bought the camera to see my settings in the manual on the screen. But recently I've been shooting so many concerts and events that happen at night it is easier to simply look through the viewfinder.

I have small fingers and I like how all the buttons are on the right side of the body in the back of the camera. Consider the back of the camera is where the majority if not all buttons and features. All the buttons are easy to find in the dark and become second nature to invest the time to find the appropriate button and learn how to adjust the configuration of the march. Ideally, as a photographer must be able to adjust all the values in the (dark works school theater, concerts, fireworks)

Most professional camera range of CF cards must contain all the camera shots. I love how the Canon Rebel XSi uses SD cards. I found unless you are shooting high speed photography (air show, sports, etc.) Class 2 (Known as class II) SD cards always do the job. However, if you shoot weddings, parties, basketball, football, hockey, concerts, air shows, etc., it is likely that you want to spring a little extra money for the Class III SD card. Is it worth the money? In short, if you pull all the time, yes by all means. SD cards I have taken my swim in the ocean by accident and even forgot to remove SD card said my shorts before drying a load of laundry! Cards SD can take a beating and still perform flawlessly.

I really love the menu button switch on the back of the camera. With this button to select the file quality, AEB, Flash exposure, the style of photography, card format, custom settings, etc.

The AEB means automatic exposure bracketing. If you are in love with HDR photography, you can hit the AEB button, tell the camera how far want to adjust the exposure (s) and press the shutter once and for 3 different shots taken without having to do anything of the work. In other words, you press the shutter and 3 are different shots for you.

If you are still reading my review the quality of the file is that if you need it. Serious photographers shoot RAW and use Lightroom or Photoshop to convert images to JPEG to save more than one PC and printing in a laboratory. The advantage of RAW is that RAW gives you more control over the picture you took. In other words, say you took a picture and the flash is off. You can use RAW to get more information about that image for highlight the natural color lighting and everything in this shot!

The good thing about this feature when you need to download tons of photos on the PC of someone who it is not necessary to convert the files!

White balance is the ability to establish the true color in any environment. Very few churches have the same aspect inside. Just as there are places that have the color of crazy. An example of them for children, rooms that are completely covered with wood paneling, places where very dark, bright rooms in orange, pink, purple and red of course. With the white balance you can use a sheet of writing paper cap, Lally, or card white balance. All I have to do is press the "WB" button to take my picture white balance and you're done.

P corresponds to programs. So, you do not want to shoot in auto, because order is for idiots right? P professional use.

Tv stands for value of time. When firing with a flash indoors at a birthday party for the wedding, use, etc. in a setting Tv 1 / 125 sec. If you are shooting very low light would use 1/13th of a second.

Aperture priority is for the experts. No need to explain.

M for manual use for concert photography studio. This is also for those who are hard-core shooters.

Canon Rebel XSi He can be fired remotely with a remote control group photos (with oneself in it). Remote control is $ 30 and is not a bad investment. You can use a small wire of 5.6 feet to prevent movement of the shutter if the camera is placed on a tripod. The Canon Rebel XSi configuration also has a number of a timer with a flashing light on the front to indicate the remaining time before the flash goes off. The tripod mount this camera is excellent I have not had any problem with it.

ISO button can be a bit difficult to reach but, I found that you never have to see where it is located. It's almost always be bright enough for you to see. The ISO button has saved your ass for many times not even funny. button ISO is always very important when selecting a camera.

OK, have you ever noticed how some of the pop-up flash (es) out there are really weak? Well with the Canon Rebel XSi can dial up or down how much power (light) the flash puts out. If you are shooting a wedding or some other high-profile event, the external flash can be controlled through your lens and camera. This feature is called E-TTL II. It stands for electronically through the lens light meter! His account of the flash sensor when you turn brilliant, flash duration, etc. In fact, you can simply use the flash and forgets is there, but it just works automatically. I found Canon flash systems, however, I like to put my flash exposure greater than 1 F stop zero.

Now for the review of the AF 18-55mm IS lens. People tell me that this lens is a piece of trash have no idea what is garbage. I'm not sure what fascination with zoom lens is. I mean it's totally ridiculous. If I throw a ballet or a wedding that I can expect a minimum of 4 or 5 people to wonder how well it works 70-200mm lens. If I am shooting an airshow and I am using a 100-400mm lens that I can expect at least 10 people to ask how well it works the lens. It's a bit annoying that people distract you while you are shooting.

Turning to the 18-55mm lens this lens is used for architecture, night scenes, fireworks artificial family portrait, landscape, vacation, etc. Just because there is very little zoom is not to say that this objective is shit. It's great for those intended. If you want have a greater capture of just buying a lens that has a higher built in a 17-85 zoom AF lens IS is a great example and is relatively cheaper than say a 24-105mm lens.

In short the purchase of this camera make you a better photographer! No camera out there can do for you! Is this a camera ideal entry level to use? Heck Yes! I did not mention the Live View function correctly, it sucks. Live view is a useless feature that does not fit nothing in almost every camera out there. While his friends are setting up their shots with their stylish Camera Bag I pocket is long done with the vaccine.

The only thing I dislike about this camera body is made of plastic and has no movie mode. But the newer Canon camera equipped with this feature.

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