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Cap Canon Cameras
Canon Rebel XTi purchase help?

I’m looking to buy the Canon Rebel Xti with the 18-55mm lens kit. Usually this goes for around $900. Now I’ve recently become aware of the phrase “camera body” but believe it refers to the camera only without the lens. Regardless, I found a seller for $700 but I’m looking to make sure they are selling what I want. if someone more experienced could go over the below quote and mention any red flags I would be much obliged:

“New Retail Box Packaging Includes Full 1 Year Warranty What’s in the Box: Canon Rebel Xti Camera Body Canon EF-S 18-55 IS Lens Body cap Dust cap Lens cap Neck Strap Manual and CD USB and Video Cables”

Yes, this is the XTi Camera body/lens kit you are looking for. SLR’s are sold as Body only, or as kits (contains at least one lens)…I do not see “Battery” in the kit, which you will need, as well as the charger. You will probably want a Carrying Case as well…but these are often “extras” not included with all kits. Make sure to purchase (about 10.00 or so) a UV filter for the lens (must match the mm diameter of the lens screw on front of lens…that measurement is marked on the lens as a 0 with a slash through it followed by numbers OR on the back of the lens cap. These are available at all camera shops or on line…the UV filter will give you sharper images AND protect the lens from dust…far better to scratch a cheap filter than to ruin a lens!