Cap Canon Lens

Cap Canon Lens
Infra Red filter not working with Canon 300D?

I bought an 720nm infra red filter for my Canon 300D, however when I attach the filter my camera isn;t picking anything up, it’s like I have the lens cap on. Do I need to do something to my camera to make the filter compatible or is there nothing I can do? Thanks x

You will have to use a long exposure to get any kind of result from your 300D. It is, however, still possible.

Unfortunately, due to their design and unlike film, digital sensors are sensitive to both visible and infra-red light. To counteract this, the manufacturers place an IR filter across the sensor.

By combining your filter with the filter already over the sensor very little light gets through to be recorded. What is recorded will be a very dark and red in tone.

Digital Cameras may be modified to remove the built in IR filter, but this effectively prevents the use of the camera for conventional photography.

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