Cap Filter Mount

Cap Filter Mount
Which Telescope ?

Im looking for a telescope that can see planets, the moon but also the galaxy nubious (sp)
Ive found a Orion SkyQuest XT6 Telescope with Dobsonian Mount Base (and seat).

6″ parabolic mirror.

6×30 finder scope.

25mm & 9mm Plöss eyepieces.

Moon filter.

Eyepiece rack.

Dust cap. for £180ish pounds.

Will I see the galaxies ect? Or is this just another ‘planet’ one with rubbish veiws?


Ditto. Do some research and don’t rush this.

Your question indicates that you may have unrealistic expectations of what you can see. No optical telescope will give you the views that you see in the photos in astronomy books. Most galaxies (not all) look like faint thumbprint smudges of light in all amateur scopes. It’s important that you gain experience slowly so you’re not instantly disappointed because you can’t see a rover on Mars or the spiral arms of a galaxy.

Having said that, the scope is a nice one if you know what to expect. Get the biggest aperture you can find, though.

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