Cap Fuji Finepix

Cap Fuji Finepix
What kind of lense attachments can I get for my Fuji Finepix S5600 it has a 55mm lense. ?

It has a screw thread at the end of the Lens where the cap goes so I’m assuming that I can attach add-ons to it,
here’s a picture of if that helps
I want things like a fish eye lense attachment not straps or tripods.
but thanks any way

Wide angle lenses which screw on like filters are available,they often come in a standard size thread called a T-mount,which will need a 55mm to T-mount adapter so it will fit on the front of your lens.At the wide angle end of your zoom range they can produce a circular image.
Some people recommend a UV filter to protect the front elements from damage.The only filters that are useful for a Digital Camera are the circular polarisers (not the linear ones!!)They cut down reflections and can enhance blue skies and clouds.Some landscape photographers use a neutral density graduated filter to enhance skies too.
If you do a lot of close up work you can also get close up lenses in several differant magnifications.
If you have a look in Amateur Photographer there are lots of adds for filters,etc.

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