Cap Leash Camera

Cap Leash Camera
Do adhesive lens caps leashes cause significant vibration?

I am looking into ways to avoid losing track of my lens cap for my Digital Camera and it seems those elastic adesive leashesare a good way to go. However, I am concerned about vibration issues due to having something hanging off the lense? Should that be a concern?

Anything hanging off the end of your lens can cause problems. In wind it can even swing up in front of the lens.

The best way to provide protection of your lens it to keep a UV or skylight filter on the lens … this will protect the front element of your lens .. keep your lens shade on as extra protection and help reduce lens flare.

My lens cap goes into my Camera Bag until I have finished the shoot.

Just watch some pros working … many only use the cap when putting their lenses away after changing lenses or are finished using their camera

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