Cap Minolta Maxxum

Cap Minolta Maxxum
Is this lens compatible?

I have a Minolta 7000 Maxxum, and I recently found an old zoom lens of my dad’s from the 80s in really great condition. I’m not really sure how to know if they’re compatible beyond shoving the lens on the body, but as that doesn’t seem like the brightest idea, I’ll copy what it says on the lens for you to decide:

Vivitar 58mm SKYLIGHT (1A)
f=35 – 70mm
1:2.5 – 3.5

The cap on the end of the lens that would attach to the body says RICOH, which i assume was the brand of the camera (we can’t find it). Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi there… just a quick read for you. The answer is No. Reason: the 7000 is an auto focus electronic camera. The old lenses you have are manual with no auto focusing capabillities. And the mounting aparatus will not work either. Hope that helps… Look for Auto Focus lenses on eBay… just to get an idea of which type will work on your camera.
Thanks for reading. :))