Cap Nikon Lens

Cap Nikon Lens
I left my nikon d80 in the rain?

i was in a hurry to clean up before a thunder storm and i left my nikon d80 with a 18-135mm lens out in the rain for roughly an hour and a half.. give or take.. and it wasnt raining the entire time.. but it rained pretty hard when it did..

the lens cap was on when this occured.. i stupidly turned the camera on when i brought it inside to see it it was still working.. and it did turn on… i dismantled the lens from the body and noticed fogging on the lense.. it dissappeared for a bit but now when i look through the camera view finder it is super foggy.. i am putting the entire camera in a bag of rice to soak up the moisture for the nite but i dont know what else to do… especially for the lens… and i dont have the money to send it in for a repair right now..


i dont know if the camera is broken or not.. it did turn on.. but i dont know what to do about the lens…

The D80 does not qualify under any weather resistant standards, but the build should offer some level of protection against light rain.

Take the battery and all memory cards out of the camera and open every door and cover that can be opened. Take the lens off, but put the body cap on. Place the D80 in a dehumidifier or a bag of dry rice and leave it alone for a few days. Dry off the battery and memory card with a clean cloth and throw them in the bag as well.

As for the lens: the fogging is probably a result of the change in temperature between the inside of your house and the outside. Wipe the lens (do not wipe glass surfaces though!) down the best you can. Put on both lens caps and place the lens in a separate bag of dry rice (or in the dehumidifier). Hopefully, no rainwater made its way into the lens (damage, residue, and/or fungus would most certainly become an issue if it did).

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