Cap Rear Lens

Cap Rear Lens
Two offers, Canon Eos 350D or PowerShot G9.. help me choose?

I’m starting to have a big interest in photography and would like to start this new hobby with a good camera…

I’ve found these 2 offers for now:

A USED Canon EOS 350D + 18-55 lens + Charger + Battery + 1G memory card+ body and lens rear caps + Camera Strap + canon cds and computer cable + 3 year guarantee ALL FOR £300

or a NEW PowerShot G9 + 32MG memory + battery + charger + computer cable + 1 year guarantee FOR £289

So which one you think I should go for? and in general would like to know which one is the best between the two.

I personally would go for the 350D. The quality of the camera in both image sensor, optical quality and versatility of the equipment is better than the Powershot option.

BUT, it all comes down to what you want to do – if you just want something light and portable to keep in your pocket and take good photos then the Powershot is ideal.

The 350 is a bigger camera and will require more to carry it around, but you do get the option to buy more (and better) lenses that means the kit will grow with you as your interest in photography matures.

The resale value of a 350 is likely to be higher than the Powershot in the longer term as well.

Basically the decision should be yours and you need to consider whether you want to carry a kit around or a smaller ‘one for all’ camera that is not as versatile but you may use more often because of the portability.

Whatever you choose, have fun – photography can be a very rewarding hobby.

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