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Corvette lovers (and/or mechanics) only, please??

I read similar answers on here, but they were no help. I’ve been given the go-ahead from my boss(wife) to buy my first ever ‘vette with a price cap around 15k. I know what I LOVE but cannot afford it, I LIKE every style they have. Could someone tell me which yrs to stay away from (mechanically). I’m not looking for neck snapping performance, just good acceleration and a sexy beast in my driveway to make the neighbors jealous.

Corvettes historically have had below ave reliabillity. Even the 07 vettes were given a “much worse then average” overall reliabillity rating from consumer reports. I was only able to go back to 1995 on consumer reports but I would stay away from 1996,1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. In the years a mentioned, the corvette had at least 5 out of its 15 catagories rated as “much worse then average” with 2002 corvettes recieving a “much worse then ave” rating for its engine. The 1998 corvette had the least “much worse the ave” and “worse then ave” ratings. The 95 and 98 corvettes were the only corvettes to recieve only 3 ratings that were below ave. All the other years had at least 6 or more catagories that recieved a rating of below ave. The 1998 vette recieved a “much worse then ave” rating for its ignition and “worse then ave” ratings for its electrical and body hardware. Everything else was either ave or better. As far as some of the most important aspects, the 1998 vette recieved “better then ave” scores for engine, drive system, and brakes. It also recieved “much better then ave” scores for cooling, transmission, and exhaust. The 1998 corvette was the only corvette to recieve an “used car verdict” of “better then ave” All the other years were either “average”, “worse then ave”, or “much worse then ave”. I also cross checked my findings with JD powers reliabillity and they were almost the exact same with the 1998 corvettes being by far the most reliable corvette made. The 98 vette also has the newer body style which I think looks awsome. I would deffinately try to find a used 98 vette if I were you.

P.S. Ive done some research in the auto trader and on ebay and it looks like you can pick up a nice 1998 vette with between 65k+ miles for $15,000 or less with more miles. Here in Az there is a silver 1998 vette with 71k miles for $15,495obo which means you could probally pick it up for $14,000-$14,500. Sweet looking car and even though its not real improtant to you, it will still blow the doors off most stock cars on the road.

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