Cap Sony Dcr

Cap Sony Dcr
Does anyone knowwhats up with my camcorder?

I have a sony handicam dcr trv255e ….dont use it that often but went to record the kids opening thier xmas pressies and theres sound but no picture its just grey. Its also grey on the LCD screen. The lens cap was off and i have no idea why its not working can anyone help?

There has been a problem with the CCD chip on some Sony camcorders (and some other brands which use the same chip) which causes faults like what you are describing.

If you go to the support bit and type in your model number, it should tell you if it is affected.

I had this problem with mine, too, phoned up Sony and was told that if it was the chip it would be repaired free, but if it turned out it wasn’t the problem then it would cost me just for them to have a look, never mind repair it.

I just decided I could get a new camcorder for around the same or less as the repair, I don’t need a fancy thing, so I got a new one for less than the repair would have been.

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