Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger
can you keep a car battery on while being charged by a battery charger but off the vehicle and being in use?

car battery+charger+while in use? (no car or alternators runnin it) i know the alternators only run on cars, but if some retard pops out with “how about an alternator” you know what i mean….


But if your runnin a stereo system, you may get ‘noise’ in the speakers. You may hear a 60Hz hum. This is from the battery charger, the power from the charger is not clean (has ripples) and the battery will not fully smooth out the power, it will be more noticeable as the power from the battery is used some and then more of the load is being put on the battery charger.

How To: Overhaul a Car Battery Charger