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16 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

It is only a few days until Christmas, so I thought a quick tutorial on the topic of Christmas Photography might be appropriate. Hopefully this will give you a good picture of Christmas ideas.

Here are 16 Christmas Photography tips and ideas to test those who come to mind for Digital Camera owners who want to capture the big day:

1. Prepare – Make a list, checking it twice ….

Sure he is ready to capture any planned event is part of a session key. Getting yourself ready, but also the location of their shots, it is worth.

  • Pack the camera – not to say? I forgot mine last year in the race for the loaded vehicle.
  • Sure that your battery is charged and has extras and packaging or charger.
  • Pack extra memory cards – have them ready to fill vacuum
  • Putting someone on "snapshots" – our family has someone in a drink, main course, dessert – why not put somebody in "photos" so that in the madness of the day are not forgotten.
  • Consider the light in the room to be photographed in. Is there enough light? Do you need a flash? Are funds too cluttered and distracting?

2. A Christmas white balance

Here in Australia are often held outdoors Christmas, but many people around the world in the interior lighting. Pay attention to what type of light that is soaring and set configuration white balance accordingly. On the other hand, if you have a camera that shoots in RAW you can shoot away and set your white balance later.

3. Establish a DIY "Photo Booth"

The shots were great – the people turned to throughout the game and got the most insane and crazy pictures and step time. It was the hit of the game.

4. Capture the preparation stages

Photo by the role of design

The real Christmas dinner or party is obviously the best of the day, but there are other photo opportunities, particularly in the preparation stage of the day.

  • Food preparation
  • Putting up decorations
  • Gift Wrap
  • Children throw a tantrum as he dressed in Christmas costumes
  • Set the table

The shots before the event starts correctly are often great because they show everything in it is the best down before everyone in your party area.

5. Before and after shots

Speaking of shots before the party starts, why not create a little before and after two shots the place you're holding your party and what appears later. Be sure to take photos from the same position.

6. Christmas Time-lapse series

I have a friend who established your computer with a webcam at the corner of the room with the camera looking down on the Christmas table. He put the camera shuts down every 5 minutes during the day and ended with a most wonderful series of shots I've seen for a long time.

Photo by rachel r

7. Christmas Lights

Photograph Christmas lights is something that can be difficult to do. David Hobby of Strobist has put together a great tutorial on how. Check it out at How to Photograph Christmas Lights.

8. Find a point of interest – but only for shooting

All good shots should have a focal point that has the attention of those view your images. The problem with Christmas is that it often can be too many competing focal points in the shots with people, color, decor, food in each shot. Hard work and de-cluttering your images. Check out this post minimalism, which contains some tips on de-cluttering images.

9. Fresh Photos Group

One of the most common types of fire at Christmas is the "group photo. It is usually taken at the end of the night or day when everyone is looking at its worst. For a 'cool' shot considered once all have arrived. Also think ahead about how they could raise each and where it is possible take the shot. I've published 12 tips for taking a photo of large group beforehand.

10. Opening Gifts – shooting in continuous mode

There are certain moments Christmas during a meeting that are filled with all kinds of photo opportunities and the opening of the gifts is like no other because it is full of great range of emotions, facial expressions and emotion – especially if you have kids around. Turn your camera to burst mode (sometimes called continuous shooting mode) and take many photos at this time of the holidays. You will find you end up with some excellent series of shots to do this that catch everything from the anticipation of getting the wrapped gift, through the excitement of unwrapping the joy (or occasionally disappointed) to see what's inside. Do not forget to pull the reactions of giving the gift too.

Photo by grace * c *

11. Fill your frame

One of the most common mistakes I see in the pictures from Christmas (or any party / even photography) is that people often end with shots of his subjects in the distance, across a room with plenty of space around him. Fill your frame with your subject, either with or zoom up and moving yourself closer. While this is one of the simplest tips are growing is one that may have the most profound impact on your shots.

12. Diffuse / Reflect Your Flash

– Another common problem with Christmas is to finish shots with shots the flash is so bright that subjects appear to rabbits in a spotlight with harsh shadows behind them. One way around this is to use some kind of flash diffuser or a reflector. If you are lucky enough to have an external flash try bouncing off walls or ceiling. Another way to reduce the impact of its flash and create some interesting effects is to change the camera in 'night mode' (slow sync mode). This will tell the camera to choose a shutter speed slower, but still shoot flash. In this way will capture some of the ambient light in the room as well as freeze the subject. Be careful, may end up with some crazy shots doing this (but also can be great fun).

13. Go Macro

Most Digital Cameras come with a macro mode and a growing number of readers are DPS macro lens for film buying thereby connecting the lens and the photograph of the smaller things around your party. Tree ornaments, table decorations, candy in the bowl on the table, a nativity scene on the mantle piece, holly above the door – sometimes it's these little things around your party who are the real "Money shots. Do not forget our macro Hacks for compact cameras.

Photo by Splat Worldwide

14. Take care opening

I often shoot in aperture priority mode on a day like Christmas and I am constantly changing the opening according to my theme. For example when shooting a Christmas decoration in the tree that will select a large aperture (A small number like f/2.8) to throw the background out of focus, but in a photo taken from the end of all sitting eating table I will choose a small aperture (like f / 8 f/11 or more) to have a greater depth of field and keep everyone in focus.

15. Explore your neighborhood

If your neighborhood is anything like mine there is an almost unlimited number of photo opportunities occur everywhere. services carol, houses with Christmas decorations, shopping malls full of occupations, etc. Hang out with the camera and capture. What a wonderful time of year for practice using the camera. Have fun!

16. Related Reading:

Here's another thread tutorial and you might be interested in preparation for Christmas photo this year.

  • Share Your Photos – Looking for some inspiration or the desire to share your Christmas pictures? Head to the Assignment of Christmas in our forums to see what other shots you take this Christmas and share some of your own pictures.
  • Candid Photography – this tutorial on candid photography could be helpful as much of what he is doing in a Christmas even in this style.

DPS Christmas Wishes

Finally – let me wish Digital Photography School readers a very happy holiday period. He has been a fantastic two one bit since we launched this blog and while I'm looking forward to a few days off at Christmas I also I can not wait to DPS and take it to the next level in 2009. Have a great holiday period and we are in the new year!

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