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Car Charger Sony

When the iPod meets your car stereo

Consumer Electronics Association reports that over 172 million dollars spent in the transmitter FM per year. According to the definition given by Wikipedia, an FM transmitter is a portable device that plugs into the headphone jack or the output port ownership of a portable audio or video device such as a portable media player, CD player or satellite radio systems. The sound and disseminate it through the transmitter, and plays through an FM transmission frequency. Aims to include an FM transmitter to play music from a device through a car stereo or any radio. In 1934, the first FM transmitter was installed on the top of the Empire State Building. Then evolution takes place naturally in this field. Because now people are starting to pay more attention to the car entertainment system and have learned how do songs from iPod to your car stereo through the FM transmitter in the car, the increase in manufacturers' production to meet demand market. Market requirements drive product development. Therefore new feature, new features and new emerging design an endless stream.

China is also a big player in the FM transmitter manufacturing. A survey shows that more than 100 companies car FM transmitters in China. Creativity is very important in this region now. Chinese manufacturers continue. In, an innovative FM transmitter is striking. At the time everyone is quick to take the lead iPod and iPhone, it seems that people pay less attention to customize other models. This FM transmitter car deserves a place in your shopping list if you are not a big fan of Apple products. It supports a rich line of the units, including BlackBerry, Archos, Creative, VISION, DELL, HTC, iRiver, LG, MICROSOFT Zune, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sandisk and Sony Ericsson. (For details, click here.)

U.S. and European manufactures such as Belkin, Monster, DLO, iRock and others are rushing to release new models. Different units vary in design, functionality, features, price and compatibility. With regard to the compatibility in-car FM transmitters are divided into two categories, one group only for a family of products and the other for all MP3 players. In the first group, Belkin TuneBase are those that work only with the iPod Mini and the Monster iCarPlay only port for connecting iPods. Unlike these FM transmitters in one dimension, DLO TransPod, Beamit iRock 440FM, Belkin TuneCast II, and Aerielle AudioBUG not limited to iPod use thanks to a phone jack for audio output.

When the source of power is concerned, some FM transmitters run on batteries and others have an integrated adapter that can connect to the cigarette lighter. It is worth noting that some units have the functionality and Car Charger for audio players. While improving the functionality, the FM transmitter also responsible for improving aesthetic design, ie shape, color and coating materials, trying to match the visual style of vehicles. The most common forms are square and cylindrical. Some manufacturers produce an innovative design. For example, Aerielle AudioBUG looks like a sissy.

Its multi-functionality offers great comfort. In addition to the broadcasting of songs on their phones and music players through the system car stereo, the cool gadget also serves as a car charger and you can enjoy hands-free talking. In terms of performance, the unit work decent. His support for a wide range of frequencies ensures that the unit is not any interference with other radio stations. With respect to the external design, this device is also on the edge. The gooseneck design lets you adjust the position to accommodate the car. In addition, plugs prevent the device clipped robust of falling, which ensures mobile phone or music player safe in the cradle.

When the iPod meets your car stereo, is incredible.

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