Card Blackberry Pearl

Card Blackberry Pearl
how do i save my app downloads to my memory card on blackberry pearl 8120?

my internal memory on blackberry pearl is full and want to download more apps how do i get them to download or save them to the memory card…im kinda blackberry dumb so if u can explain please do…lmao

Application files (such as games, etc.) are different than Media files (music, videos etc.) Application files must be saved to the phone’s internal memory and not a media card. If you need more room to download application files to your phones memory, you can move Media files to a media card. (Sorry about my previous answer to you if it was misleading. I’ll try to be more careful)

To move media files to a media card, follow the instructions beginning at the bottom of page 56 of the online user guide for your phone.

This user guide is in PDF format and may take a couple of minutes for the page to load to view it. Be patient.
Remember, the bottom of page 56: Click here:

How to Install a Media Card into a Blackberry Pearl 8100