Card Canon Camcorder

Card Canon Camcorder
Will my Kodak 8gb SD Memory Card work on a Canon dSLR?

I bought a Kodak Zx1 Video Camera about half a year ago. When I bought it I also purchased a Kodak 8gb SD (or SD-HC I don’t remember but it doesn’t matter) Memory Card for the camcorder. I just bought a new Canon 1000d (Rebel XS in U.S.A and Kiss F in Japan) Dslr Camera. The Canon Camera takes SD/SD-HC cards and it’s fairly expensive to buy a new one plus I don’t use my camcorder that often, only for special occasions. Would my Kodak SD card work the Canon dSLR even though I bought it with a Kodak camcorder. Plus it’s a Kodak SD card and I want to use it in a Canon camera. Would it work?


There is no reason why it should not work. The Canon 1000D (XS) use SD and SDHC (SDHC basically newer version of SD card.

I listed a link below to a page that lists the specs for your camera.

Hope this helps.


Canon Legria FS200 Silver Memory Card Camcorder