Card Fujifilm Finepix

Card Fujifilm Finepix
how to i fix ‘card error’ on a Fujifilm Finepix Z10?

every time i switch on my camera card error comes up on the screen! i don’t know what has caused it and now i cant take any pictures.
when i connect it to the computer i can get pictures off and all that is fine. i have tried resetting the camera and reformatting the card in setup but nothings working. it just randomly starting saying card error a few days ago and i cant recall anything that could have caused it.
its annoying and im really hoping there’s some sort of quick fix to it. i need my camera for the weekend. please any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

Have you tried another flash card? If you’ve reformatted the card and you’re still getting errors, then it’s either the card, the camera, or maybe the card contacts are dirty.

Most likely the problem is the card, swapping in another one will quickly tell you if that’s the problem.

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