Card Holder Case

Card Holder Case
can they get me for a card that i deny as being mine? tha debt was my mothers and they wrongfully put it into

hi. i was added to a credit card as a card holder in case of an emergancy only. i checked to make sure i would never be responsable and they showed in fine print that i wouldnt be. well my mother got sick and all of a sudden the bill came to me in full in my name only. without my signature that i assume responsability for mother has alzhiemers and cannot afford to pay it nor can i. it is not my bill any way. they have sent it to an attorney now . it was opened in 2004. i told them i dispute the charges and that i want proof with my signature that the debt is mine. they said it will take some time maybe months to retrieve that onfo. inthe meantime they are pursuing ti take me to court for this debt even though i am disputing this. should i send a written letter of dispute? what would a judge do in court if i go in denying that i ever eccepted to be in writing responsable for this debt?

wite them a letter and make copies and send it signature required telling them this. this will also help you if they go to a judge, you can show the judge the paper you tried informing them and they refused to settle it. i did this and the judge even ordered the company to pay my lawyers fees and reimburse me 300. 00 cjhs

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LEICA CASE , strap and card holder SET for LEICA D-LUX  Compact 1st version.

LEICA CASE , strap and card holder SET for LEICA D-LUX Compact 1st version.