Card Motorola Moto

Card Motorola Moto

Motorola Mobile Phones – Always in the Fray

Motorola which has always been one of the pioneers in mobile services is one such company which is always innovating, reinventing, improving their products, Motorola was the first to launch products like dualband, triband & quadband handsets & the flip top mobile phone. Keeping up with the market, Motorola keeps on improvising on its earlier products and producing new ones. Some of the latest Motorola mobile phones include the Motorola MOTO Q11, Motorola Rapture VU30, and the Motorola W7 Active Edition.

The new MOTO Q 11 is a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It comes with 64 MB of RAM memory plus 128 Mb of internal flash memory extendable upto 16 GB, supports WiFi and is ideal for surfing at high speeds. It has a large 2.4 inch 262k TFT screen with a high resolution(320 x 240 pixels). The camera is 3 Megapixel with a powerful 8X zoom, LED flash, and video recording features.Works on a quad-band network(GSM 850,900,1800,1900) and is GPRS and EDGE connected. Fully charged, it gives a standby time of 195 hours and talktime of 7.5 hours. With dimensions of 117 x 64 x 11.7 mm and weighing 115 grams, this Motorola mobile phone is a value buy.

Living up to its name in innovation, Motorola has come up with the Motorola Rapture VU30. It features a touch sensitive “vanishing” external display. Though it has a 2-megapixel camera, this Motorola mobile phone has enhanced its imaging to produce an experience similar to a Digital Camera. It comes with video playback and recording features. It has a 2.2-inch (240×320) main display and 1.6-inch (120×160) external display. Other features include Music player, Bluetooth and Speech recognition. The handset measures 99 x 48 x 17 mm and weighs about 96 grams. Fully charged, it gives a standby time of 470 hours and talktime of 4.5 hours. A clamshell with glossy rounded design, it easily stands out in a crowd.

One of the few Motorola GSM devices to be announced this year, the Motorola W7 is a slick slider mobile phone. Its key selling feature is the built-in accelerometer which allows users to use hand gestures, flicks and taps to control the handset’s functions. This Motorola mobile phone is a useful 3G device with a 2.2inch 240 x 320 pixel display, 2 megapixel main camera,a second VGA camera for video calling, microSD expandable memory, Bluetooth technology a multimedia player and FM radio. Internal memory is 30 Mb with a card slot upto 8GB. Fully charged, the standby time of the handset is 300 hours and talktime is 8hrs(2G)/ 3.5hrs(3G).

Apart for these handset, there are a plenty of other communication devices launched by the big brand Motorola with a number of sophisticated features. It can be hoped that we shall get some more Motorola mobile phones in the coming time, with more and more features which are unimagined as yet.

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