Card Phone Camera

Card Phone Camera
I have a motorola microSD adapter and a memory card that came with my phone.will it f up my camera if i use it?

everything came with my phone and my phones got pretty good internal memory so i was wondering if i could just use to memory card that came with it with the adapter for my camera. im worried it’ll f*** it up if i do. help?

My GUESS is that no, but your microcard is probably only 1 or 2 gig so you’ll either have shi**y picture quality or no capacity (barely) to take video. why not just buy an SD Card. check this site out…cheapest 4 and 8gig cards online…period….i get all my stuff (well, like two things) here…

8gig for $18.25 (free shipping)??? are you kidding me?? can’t beat that….

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