Card Stick Psp

Card Stick Psp

Easy to transfer files to a PSP Memory

Now a days psp memory is used by people popular.With PSP memory can load and play games PSP Memory easily.This is also very useful for the transfer of audio, image and video files.Yes, you can transfer any file to mind cable.People psp USB can enjoy listening to music, watching movies, closures and long more.This PSP's memory is very easy in all this use.All psp memory has characteristics very high because people are attracted to it.I would say that this is very easy and simple process to transfer the files to a PSP memory.

That I can ie transfer files to the PSP memory we have to insert a memory stick into a Memory Stick slot on the left side of the PSP's memory to help us transfer the files on our PC easily.Then have to connect a USB cable in the back of the USB cable plugs PSP.These needs two is a Mini-B connector that is connected to a memory PSP and the other standard USB connector that plugs into the computer.Now turn to change settings from the menu on the PSP memory where the USB connection USB connection.This help us recognize USB storage device.There should be a folder called PSP memory stick is "MP_ROOT" where we can create any folder of photos, music, games and users can enjoy more.Here transfer files by dragging and drop files in these last user can disconnect folders.At memory.All the PSP is all psp memory cards are great portable game machine with high capacity for data transfer.

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PSP with 16GB SD-Card