Case Bag Blue

Case Bag Blue
room decor: massie style, or tiffany&co style?

okay, so i’m redoing my room, and i really like the sound of her room, but mine isn’t big or anything. i could do either a massie styled room, or a tiffany&co styled room. i’m not sure which to pick.

massie style
purple covers, white bed, white desk, white painted walls, white hardwood floors, purple rugs, white bookcase, purple bean bag, white bean bag, purple chair, and white lamp.

tiffany styled

robin’s egg blue walls,
white desk, white duvet
silver desk lamp, silver sponged on paint, white bean bags, silver cahir, chrystal chandelier, white book-case, blue closet doors, and that’s it.

which would look cooler? i’m leaning towards the tiffy one, but after watching the clique movie, i’m starting to think about that too.

Well, i guess they’re almost the same but the only diff is blue or purple decor as well as the basic white. Whichever u like better, blue or purple, is what you should do. :]

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