Case Bag Nikon

Case Bag Nikon
I am looking for a reasonably priced point and shoot waterproof Digital Camera that uses SD cards.?

After dunking and destroying two cameras in 2 years I have given up on “trying to keep it dry” in plastic bags. I paddle, boat, fish, water ski, hike and camp in the rainy North West and it is obvious that plastic bagging it won’t work for me. I have a Nikon D40 which uses SD cards (and never goes near water) so I have a significant investment in SD (as well as a card reader etc).
I love the Olympus 720 SW for it’s depth rating and shock proof rating but it uses XD card.
Does anyone have experience with waterproof cameras? I am NOT interested in waterproof cases & I am not a diver.

Well Kodak has reasonably priced cameras that happen to be water resistant, simply go to

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