Case Cable Lcd

Case Cable Lcd
Drivers for a Polaroid 26″ LCD TV/Monitor (screen goes all black for a second)?

I have a FLM-2601 Polaroid LCD TV/Monitor and i’m using it as a computer monitor (VGA cable), i would like to know where can i find the best driver for this monitor.
I’m using it with an Nvidia GeForce 6150LE card but when i do right click on a video file from the windows explorer the screen goes all black for a second and then back to normal, this also happens when i click on the advanced settings button from the display properties menu (but only in these two cases). Please help me, i’ve tryied all the different resolutions and it’s always the same.
Thank you

if you are using the xp -sp2 you should not have this problem at all cos you don’t need to install anything but all the same you can download the driver from the polaroid site.

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