Case Canon Elph

Case Canon Elph
How Do I Change A Digital Camera‘s Shutter Speed?

I don’t have a video capture card, and I want to post videos on Youtube. I am using a digital camera to record things, and I want to record a video game walkthrough. But, the tv has these black bars on it. I know I need to change the camera’s shutter speed. How do I do that, and to what extent? Also, how would I go about in order to get the best color and quality?

Also, if this helps, the label on the camera says Canon Powershot 600 Digital Elph, in case anyone has this type of camera.

Many P&S cameras, contrary to an other opinion expressed here, can operate in manual mode and allow setting of shutter speed aperture etc.

What you are referring to is sychronising the camera to the display frame rate, not varying the shutter speed. If you don’t do that you will get what appears to be a slowing rolling horizontal bar moving up or down the screen which is caused by phase shift.

The easiest way to do what you want is to capture the video on the computer, not with a camera, and there are many applications that are capable of doing that. If you can’t do that, then you need to take the output from your video card straight into the Camera Video input (if it has one)

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