Case Canon Eos

Case Canon Eos

Canon Eos 7D Reviews – How to use Canon Dslr

Basically, I can only echo the previous reviews and I'm so few Few details of the camera.
– The exchange and comparison of Canon and other models –

The camera is super. For me it was the change from a 350D, and exactly the right step. How does it behave with a switch of the models in the middle, I can not say.

However, I must say that the difference of the images from the 350D is also clear evidence of the 7D. Especially if you have on hand and can make the comparison shots. The noise behavior of 7D is best. We can conclude, without evidence laboratory (subjective estimate I would say that ISO 200, the 350D is comparable to ISO 1000 the 7D, but this will undoubtedly be able to better understand the actual tests)
– Experience with different lenses –

The 7D AF is great. I have taken a few days (I did for a week () With three different objectives, the objective Kit 18-135, 100-400 and 28-105). Subjectively perceived by the average speed of 28-105S remarkably better. The kit lens is used in some comparison photos, but now and now.
– What really helps me –

A great idea, the developer is the "Q" button. This means, "Quick View" and allows the rapid change of various parameters. Even if the Q-button has nothing to do with the "Q" of James Bond, so you have the impression that developers wanted to achieve precisely this association with them. For quickest way to get to their "secret weapons" approach does not 😉
– Flash thing –

In addition, the application gains control of external flash units. I tried so far with a 430EX II and I can only say that everything runs smoothly and is wonderful. The menus are fairly self-explanatory appropriate and look at the manual reveals that it is an external flash when it is used again to disable the parameter. The rest manual that could operate even without reading.
– Others –

The camera in question has a very strong impression (confirmed by including from an article by a professional photographer who has photographed at the South Pole) and I can say anything negative so far.

What I'm always happy and reminds me a smile in your face, is the shutter sound. Especially when it comes to 8 times per second sounds 🙂

The technology is at the current price of just under of € 1400 (body) fabulous. But even if the price would rise by one or two hundred euros, now worth buying.

– Compared with other Manufacturers –

A comparison between the 7D, and an appropriate model for a different company, I prefer not here because I have also been photographed in analog days, with Canon and at least now wecheln any other manufacturer.

But for new entrants, which is higher than buying a DSLR digital and still has not committed to a system that recommends taking the time models of the short list on hand. If the noise model is slightly lower than the other, is totally irrelevant when it comes to the basic operation is unclear.
– Note –

To date, must be held at Canon, a standard update cycle for 18 months. An outlier was upgrade to the 5D 5D Mark II – because it took much longer to Canon released a new model. If the mark II, therefore, be updated in 2010, is questionable. Therefore, consider whether you need a full-frame sensor, and if an intermediate step in the 7D for the coming years is not enough, now a 5D just before a purchase.

Similarly, the potential of "leaders" of the 40D and 50D models now consider whether they want a new camera. For me the change was correct and the right time. But coming from a 350D, and models between it and the 7D has been able to motivate any change, because the differences were too small.

What the movie function of the 7D is concerned, so I bought a Digital Slr because I want to take pictures. The film is "nice to have. Apparently, you can rausholen much more than I've ever used.

In any case, mocks the great camera and I think other photographers who can work with Canon models confirm this.

I already had a good reflection of the silver age (25 years) – and lover of beautiful images, I pleased with the EOS7D. I am discovering the unit made diving and incredible colors. Excellent device, just to finish discovering their abilities and find good shots. (If left for the day do not forget the monopod and / or foot for the goal box + flash + 70-200 is heavy compared my little compact 900Ti still in barrel convenient and instant yet discrete on the fly. Excellent service from Amazon. target = "_blank" title = "Canon EOS 7D DSLR 18 MP CMOS Digital 3-inch LCD (body only) "> Read other reviews For Canon Eos 7D more reviews from Amazon.

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