Case Canon Nikon

Case Canon Nikon
$650 for Nikon D3000 package, $800 for Canon Rebel XSi package, or $500 for Rebel XS (camera and lens only)?

Hi, I’m looking at 3 cameras:

-Nikon D3000 (with 2 lens and case) for $650
-Canon Rebel Xsi (with 2 lens and case and memory card) for $800
-Canon Rebel XS (with 1 lens) for $500

This will be my first dSLR and taking pictures is just a hobby. My parents are buying this as a gift for me but I am concerned about the cost. Which do you think is the better deal? I like the 3.0 in LCD screen on the XSi and the D3000, and the live view feature doesn’t mean too much to me. I could do without it.



I am more of a fan of getting the camera with the short zoom (18-55mm lens) and custom buying the other things I need so I can get just what I want. Buy the Camera Bag you want, get the brand memory card you want and get any other lenses after you do some shooting and see what is needed most (if anything is needed).

So I would check out these 2 options (with estimated price range):

Nikon D3000 10MP DSLR Digital Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens – $449 to $480
Eos Rebel XS (1000D) 10MP Dslr Digital Camera Kit w/18-55mm IS Lens – $499 to $550

Both are excellent cameras, the first link listed below is to a web page that lists the 2 DSLR cameras feature and specs side by side. This list will let you compare features and specs, also it has links to reviews of the cameras, and the reviews include sample images from the cameras. The seller websites I list below will allow you to check prices and to read customer reviews which can be very informative.

A few quick differences between the Nikon D3000 and Canon Rebel XS:

Canon Rebel XS has liveview, and the Nikon D3000 does not have liveview

Nikon D3000 has higher ISO range with 1600, (plus 3200 with boost), Canon Rebel XS with 1600

Hope this helps.


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