Case Cybershot

Case Cybershot
Digital Camera Waterproof Case?

for my birthday my mom got me a “Sony Cybershot marine pack mpk-wb for the sony T-series cameras” which i think should work for my sony t-200 digital camera, but they send one for “dsc w200, 290, 285, and w80.” what’s the deal????
i’m going on a cruise to the bahamas in a few weeks so i really needed this and i already opened it and it was really expensive and i don’t know what to do!
this is the one she was suppossed too get. WHY DID THE OTHER ONE SAY FOR T-SERIES IF IT ISNT FOR T SERIES?!?!?

The seller is Ace Photo Digital, and they simply typed in the wrong description on Amazon’s page.

Your package should have come with a receipt from the seller (probably Ace Photo Digital). There will be a phone number on it. Contact them to exchange it for the correct model:
which is also sold by Ace Photo Digital.

They should not charge you a restocking fee as this is their error. I would print out copies of the Amazon page to show their error. Enclose a copy of the page (keep one for yourself) along with a note explaining their error when you return the item for exchange.

Ask for 2 day shipping, as you are going on a trip, or at least some guaranteed delivery before your trip.

If it was Amazon and not one of their affiliates, they’re very good about fixing problems. Don’t be afraid to e-mail them or call them. They will make it right.

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