Case Film Camera

Case Film Camera
Did I ruin the pics my 35mm camera film by opening back lid too early?

I just wanted to take out the film of my analogical 35mm reflex camera, I unlocked the film, then rewinded it by the handle on the left, until I couldn’t rewind any more. Maybe I wasn’t using enough force, or maybe it was blocked, but when I couldn’t move it anymore I opened the lid – unfortunately then I noticed there was still a part of the film sticking out. However it was only the beginning of the film (more or les the position you put it in before shooting. I understood that if you open the lid with the film out of the spool, you can loose all pictures. However in this case I wonder whether they’ll be OK, as you always expose the beginning of the film before shooting as well?

thanks for your help!


What the heck is an “analogical 35mm reflex camera”??

If the only bit left was the normal amount of “leader” which would be used when loading the film then there will be no problem.
This would have been exposed when the camera was loaded anyway.

This is why 35mm cassetes are made longer than the actual frame count – the first 2-4 inches will be exposed when loading.

It is only when the film is out of the cassette on the wind on spool that you would have an issue.

“The Case” 16mm Short film Noir Tri-X Krasnogorsk-3 K-3