Case Fit Canon

Case Fit Canon
Will this lens fit on my Canon Rebel XT…58 mm is what mine is?

“Quantaray auto-zoom 85-210mm F:38 macro, excellent condition. Also have a Leather Case available for $10 and a filter for $5″ is what thew ad said

Don’t waste your money on this lens. Quantaray is a cheap house-brand lens and not worth the shipping costs.

The lens is a very important part of your photography. If a comparable Canon zoom is out of your budget then keep saving or search for a used Canon zoom. Tamron and Tokina also make good quality zooms so they are a viable option.

58mm refers to the filter size needed for your lens. If you haven’t already bought a UV/Haze filter and a circular polarizer for your lens then use the money you didn’t waste on that cheap zoom and buy the filters. Don’t waste your money on cheap, no-name filters. Choose from Hoya, B+W, Tiffen, Heliopan. Buy the filters in a “thin” or “slim” mount to avoid possible vignetting (dark corners on your pictures) when using the 18mm focal length of your lens.

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