Case Fit Panasonic

Case Fit Panasonic

Panasonic Toughbook 27 military and police Ruggedized Laptop

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to buy more than 400 of the Panasonic CF-27 Pentium II touch screen provider near ToughBook notebooks. They were units of area and I was a little fear of the offer because he had observed a large amount of "wear and tear."

I was especially concerned about the touch screen because was not significant "scratches" on the touchscreen interface of plastic that protects the LCD screen. It seems that end-users has been written using the end of a conventional pen instead of using a stylus. Well my worries were unfounded and everything went well.

This unit was originally worth $ 7,500 Canadian dollars and I can see why. The quality of construction, housing and the handle and the LCD screen brightness are amazing. It was as if had purchased 400 used "Hummers" and the reaction of my clients was amazing.

Many people told me that he had dreamed of buying such of unity, but never thought they could afford one, until now. I was lucky that my unit had been completely and not lose any of the key parts, such as the Caddy hard drive, hard drives themselves, and a battery pack working in more than 97% of the units received. RAM has been maxed-out until maximum of 192 MB and 6Gb hard disk was a standard, although many of my customers replaced the hard drive with 20 GB or 30 GB one.

Some of the units had been really dirty and normal washing did not help. I found an incredible product called Sol-U-Mel, which contain the active ingredient Melaleuca Oil, which did the trick and the reduction of the time, energy and elbow grease needed. With a paper towel, especially in the upper left cover magnesium alloy lint tremendous, and I had better results with a soft cloth or old towel.

The LCD screens cleaned thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and rubbing straight scratches from

I mentioned before, although a cosmetic defect, almost unnoticeable when the Super-Bright LCD screen is activated and the unit is up and running. Panasonic installed Originally the best video card available at the time this unit and believe it or not, this unit is compatible with streaming video very well with only minor "Jumping" when connecting to MSN and watching Youtube or weird or funny stupid videos.

The original operating system on my P2 was Windows'98SE units and I was lucky to get a Panasonic original factory image installed with the appropriate drivers, including the driver with touch screen calibration. The calibration is necessary so that when you play solo and want to drag the cards into the correct position, go where they are told. It was also important to load the driver TouchPad right mouse did not behave erratically.

The original keyboards gave me the biggest problem because many of them had used air free and consequently has "Sun" spotted "and" yellow. " Any unit with the original keyboard, beige or white cleaned-up well After careful washing with plain soap, water and a toothbrush. small amounts of water had been necessary, although the Panasonic is resistant to moisture and moisture. However, the units I chose yellow keyboards replaced by a brand new black keyboard, which not only completely changes the look of the unit, but while at the same time makes it appear fresh and modern. This was originally a keyboard from the Panasonic CF-29, but it fits both the CF-27 CF-28 models.

Unfortunately, as most military-grade Panasonic Toughbook, my drives do not have an optical drive (CD-ROM). They came with a 3.5 "disk drive is internal, removable and modular. And when you close the battery compartment of the unit, like all the covers on the left, right and back sides (see photo above), which is hermetically sealed against moisture and dust.

The Panasonic CF-27 comes with a USB port and you can use a USB key over either 256MB or 512MB capacity smoothly. In Win98SE, a 2GB or 4GB USB U3 standard memory will not work, because there are no 98 drivers available, and I personally never got a 1Gb work either. I had good luck with the Memorex, Verbatim, Fuji and Kingston brand of clubs, but I had a bad experience Sandisk Cruzer brand to get work at all with Win'98SE.

Because there a single USB port, I chose to add a PCMCIA wireless card instead of a USB connection and the Panasonic CF-27 has a very special secret: You must use slot rather than the lower slot to add a PCMCIA wireless card. The lower slot works well with a dial-up modem, but it seems a no-go for the wireless card. That's fine with me, and should not try to break their heads to figure out why, it's just how things are. I had very good success with SMC brand card wireless and very poor success with either D-Link or Linksys cards Marca. Perhaps this was due to poor compatibility with Win'98SE.

If you stick with Win'98SE, I suggest upgrading Internet Explorer version 6, Windows Media Player to version 9 and also DirectX version 9. Here's how I can set my units and a great job on the Internet with the wireless card. Do not forget to update your flash player as well.

I mentioned the CF-27 packages Previous batteries had a 97% rate of good units. This compares with less than

5% ThinkPads used or Dell Latitudes of the same generation and age. All my batteries had been the original of 2000-2001 and today still cost about $ 163 retail for a new Panasonic Spain Part Number Battery CFVZSU04W, it's crazy the way because the unit with a wireless card should not exceed $ 100 Canadian dollars as described in this article.

Another "Capriccio" should keep in mind is that when the CF-27 is actually the battery charged to 100%

the power management feature in Win'98SE shows only 70%. This is somehow also normal for the CF-27 and has something to do with not "over-charge" the battery, which is probably why most batteries still work anywhere between 45 minutes and 1.5 on average housing units I tested. Please do not let that mislead you into believing that all Panasonic batteries last as long, but I had much luck with this particular batch of 400 units.

Let me also on record that I am a Panasonic authorized dealer since 1989 and what might conservatively call a fan of the Panasonic Toughbook maybe even a fan of these units. I sold all of these units more than the world to countries in Africa, Asia, South America, etc. The reason people still are willing to pay $ 100 for a laptop with wi-P2 is that this unit is unique, the touch screen function is cool and the unit is remarkably reliable and safe but disposable at the same time. No one will mourn if lost, stolen or broken. It is also a relaxation something like a laptop ugly and not quite Barbie and maybe nobody wants start stealing. As for breaking it, good luck! It is very solid and are included a small "info-commercial", originally produced by Panasonic in each of my units as a way to test the video capabilities of the unit and the MIL-SPEC testing carried out both unreal and amazing.

Just so you do not believe that Panasonic CF-27 is perfect, a critique of the units, plus the fact that not only is built like a tank, but at 7.5 pounds is as heavy as a tank, is that sound capabilities with built-in 0.4W speaker just really sucks! Now in all fairness, you can connect external powered speakers or headphones into the standard connector in the back of the unit and then the sound is great! But the small speaker is located at the bottom of the unit and often muffled unless lift unit to 1 / 4 "for the sound to come out.

This is my first eBay guide and I hope it was helpful. I have over 22 years experience selling, rehabilitation, setting up laptops and notebooks and my first laptop was the original Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 of 1983 which lasted over 20 hours on 4 x AA batteries and was probably almost as resilient as the Panasonic CF-27 notebook.

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