Case Lcd Canon

Case Lcd Canon
Extra 1 GB or extra year of warranty?

i’m planning to purchase a Canon Powershot a570 is. there’s two auctions i want to buy them from. one you get free –Camera Case
-Mini Tripod
-LCD Protector
-Lens Cloth, 1 gb sd, 2 year warranty
with the camera and content. and the other one you get 1 year warranty but 2 gb sd and i think two AA batteries. but i’m not sure about the first one if it come with abtteries, but i’ve asked the seller. which one should i get, shoudl i get extra year of warranty with the free tripod and etc. or should i get the second one, 2gb instead of 1gb sd? thanks

get the extra warranty, you can always buy a bigger sd card later

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