Case Lcd Casio

Case Lcd Casio
Casio Exilim Z850 Broken LCD Screen?

Hi, does anyone in the UK have experience of breaking the screen on their Casio Digital Camera? Mine was not subjected to any misuse, but the damage to the screen seems to correspond with the placement of the ‘popper’ fastening on the Exilim-brand case. Has anyone claimed for this under the warranty and have they had any success?

it sucks but screens tend to break when subjected to preassure or extreme temprature
id say call casio and complain till you drive them nuts that your screen “just broke” and see if you can get them to fix it
its usally not worth it to take it to a repair shop because it cost nearly as much as the camera is worth to repair it

next time put it on house insurance and when it breaks throw it out of the window then claim it 🙂

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