Case Lcd Samsung

Case Lcd Samsung

Samsung Mobiles – Increasing mobility among masses

The word Samsung means three stars and with a vision to conquer the electronics world it has emerged as the largest mobile phone manufacturer in America in the year 2008. One of the best brands of South Korea has took over Sony brand of Japan. The dependence of various firms in South Korea for raw materials and key components makes this brand superior in the electronics world, however the Government did not want Samsung to become a monopoly so it was separated. The group was successful in facing any challenge. It boldly setup the Samsung University, where young graduates were trained according to the business norms and absorbed by the this group of companies.

Samsung was the first to manufacture the slider mobile phone through which this South Korean company added style and grace to its handsets. In the cut throat competition with other giant manufacturers, Samsung mobile phones have evolved with their latest technologies, including smart casings, LCD screens, various ringtones to match the taste of users, multimedia features and Digital Cameras. The multi-faceted gadgets have multi-tasking abilities which are complimented by the striking looks of the handset.

The latest Samsung D8600 and D900 are empowered with third generation technology has high-end Bluetooth installed. The stunning looks of the D800 has created by the textured magnesium surface completes with a black finish. The users want to spend on this gadget because of the massive 80 MB memory, integrated Bluetooth, MP3 player and 1.3 mega pixels camera.

One of the contemporary attractive handsets is the Samsung U600 Ultra edition 10.9, which gets its name because of the 10.9 mm thick casing. It is a slim slider PDA phone, comes with 262K colours display on a 2.2-inch screen. The device has an auto-focus 3.2 mega pixels camera. To enable the users to transfer data with other devices, the widget comes with smooth and hassles-free Bluetooth technology.

The Samsung T919 Behold is the latest touchscreen phone popular for its imaging and communication features. The 5 mega pixels camera that comes with LED flash and auto-focus. It is hard to believe that the gadget weighs 113 grams, however has a 3-inch TFT 262K colour display which makes viewing of pictures, maps clear and smooth.

The GPS navigation feature on the 2.8-inch touchscreen that supports 16 million colours of the S5600, makes travelling easy. The directions and maps can be clearly viewed on 3G network compatible Samsung mobile phones.

The Quad band feature of the Samsung Marcel S3500 allows to switch between GSM800, GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900 networks, which makes Internet access hassles-free. The two connectivity options of Bluetooth and USB port help the users safely share important data which can be stored by expanding the memory anytime.

Nobody can deny the benefits of having latest technologies in a mobile phone. Samsung mobile phones which have added value are reaching every home. To keep up to the demand and competition of the market, the brand strives and seeks for high-end innovations.

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