Case Lcs

Case Lcs
Why do feel the need to judge others?

I read over and over again about how you SHOULD do this and SHOULDN’T do that. Some people are down right degrading towards others. Who is anyone to judge how others want to give birth. I was induced wiht my first. . .does that make me a bad person? Of course not. It was medically necessary in my case. With my first I also was not able to breast feed. I was made to feel guilty by LCs and by the looks of answers here, I think I might have been crucified. As mom’s we do the best we can.

Shouldn’t we be supporting eachother and not making eachother feel worse?!

no way! you arent a bad person because you were induced. dont feel bad. you are a great mom just by asking this shows that sweetheart!!! I also feel guilty for the brastfeeding thing as well- i was only able to breastfeed the first 5 weeks.

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