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Case Nikon Canon
Infrared Filters and Which Lens?

I have a Nikon D60 and i am going to purchase an infrared filter…the only lens i have at this moment is the 18-55mm, i read somewhere that canons 18-55mm will leave a funny spot, is this the case with nikon or should i be looking at purchasing a new lens too? Thank you, and please provide links if you have them.

Hoya R72 52mm lens will do you just fine. It’s what I use for all of my 52mm lenses, it works like a charm.

The D40/x/60 all process IR just fine. Pop your filter on, manually set your white balance to the greens ( you can choose other things to adjust off of for various slight color differencials ), set up your tripod and compose your pic.

After you take your picture, hit up the channel mixer. Red > Blue, Blue > Red and you’re pretty much done. At this point you mess with the curves and adjust the image for personal taste.

It is ENTIRELY possible not to just set your white balance to the presets based on your environment and things will look fine. Colors aren’t as vivid and you don’t get the widest range of colors, but with some adjusts you can still pull off the effect just fine.

This was done on a cloudy day, F14 .8 seconds. A little tweaking and finished. This was taken on a rinkydink 55-200mm af-s F5.6 It could be better I know. This was within the first several hundred shots I took with my filter a few weeks back.

So to answer your question you can do just fine using the kit lens for landscapes, obviously better glass can render different effects. If you stick with your kit lens for the IR photography a 52mm Hoya r72 will get the job done. It’s not expensive and is widely used 😀

If you’d like to see more pieces specifically with the d60 do a deviantart search for IR d60 or infrared d60, you’ll see the hoya r72 quite often. Sometimes you’ll find people have converted their camera to become an IR camera, which is nice if you have the money and spare equipment 😀

another edit— is where I purchased my filter also sells them 😀 both are reliable sites

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