Case Olympus Mju

Case Olympus Mju
Compact Digital Camera Case – Shockproof? Waterproof?

I am going on a month long expedition to central america and wish to take a Digital Camera.

I was wondering if anyone knows any very good case which are strong and avoid my camera breaking (acer digital camera or canon).

I know there are lots of very good ipod cases so i was wondering if there are any for cameras?

If not are there any specialist cameras – e.g.Olympus Mju-770

Thanks in advance,


um, i’m not sure, i know that they have cameras that are shockproff, freezeproof, and waterproof, i know that they have cases for cameras, but i wouldn’t think they would have a case that can fit around the camera and protect. I mean, it can protect the camera whilst it is in used.

they will probably have a waterproff housing for your camera, but that’s where the money comes in, next time mention the name of your camera to help me better answer your questions

anyway, the link for the camera is :

it would be a good investment, and is resistant to the elements. Bye, i hoped that i’ve helped you more

Yours Sincerely,
Nathan Grammatico

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