Case Pack Sony

Case Pack Sony
My PS2 Bundle Pack, How Much Do I Sell For?

I have…

Fat PS2 w/ Network Adapter

21 Games – With Original Case & Booklet
Madden 2007
SVR 2007
SVR 2006
SOCOM 3 Combined Assault
SOCOM 2 Navy Seal
MVP Baseball 2005
MVP Baseball 2003
ASB 2005
Need For Speed Underground 2
Guilty Gear X2
Ever Grace
Twisted Metal Black
ESPN 2k5
Spider-Man 2
Enter The Matrix
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001
Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain
Triple Play 2002
Need For Speed Underground
Rocky Legends

4 Black Sony Controllers – Brand new Condition, ALL WORK

2 Black Sony Multitaps – BOTH WORK

2 Orginal PS2 8MB Memory Cards – Perfect Condition

1 Sony Online Headset, Brand NEW Never Used

How much I should I post my Craigslist posting up for?

I added up how much a games shop would buy each of those items.

So let’s say each game would be sold for £10
£30 for the console.
£5 for the network adapter
£5 for each controller
£3 for each memory card
£5 for the headset

Round it up to £280. I would suggest you go lower than that, £200 seems like a decent price as the PS2 may have degraded over time.

If you want dollars then go for under $300.

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