Case Sanyo

Case Sanyo
which is more reliable and stronger,sprint phones?

I like the Razr , but seems like the casing is cheap, even with the krzr, they both seem likely to break once dropped a couple of times.
I Like the Samsung m110 seems really cool and frame is stronger. what about quality reception???
anyone know?
I also like the Sanyo SCP8400 What do you think of this one? quality, strong casing and reception?
By the way, has anyone ever gone to the mountains in north pa. and va. with a sprint phone? does it get reception out in those areas?

Sanyos are known for their best quality and reception in the Sprint World….alot of Sprint users today have Sanyos being when I worked for Sprint I sold a lot of Sanyos because of their dependability and quality. However the new Samsung Upstage is worth looking at because of its innovating design, and it comes with a case. but anyways the Sanyo 8400 is an excellent phone, being it’s also a Power Vision phone meaning you would have access to TV and radio. Reception on the other hand is great…even in the sticks….I travel often to from FL to VA and I get great reception. Sprint has roaming agreements which guarantees great coverage in most areas!

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