Case Solid

Case Solid
Does anyone no a good pro-bono lawyer I have a rock solid case?

I was charged and spent a month in jail I have proof I am not guilty I need these charges dropped then I want to sue the accuser and bring a civil suit because of this issue I have lost everything I own
Sorry, I’m located in the state of Georgia … but honestly I don’t care what state there in good
To Ron C.- When your a single parent raising kids on your own, and worked for a guy who didn’t pay you. Towed your car from your driveway and won’t return it or the title. So you sued him and in return he had you evited from your home and is mad cause you won a judgement against him so he charged you with commiting a crime when your were actually the victim just to get even. !!!! Sure you could lose everything Ron

For a civil case you need a lawyer that will work on “Contingency”, meaning that he’ll keep a portion of the judgement if you prevail, not a “Pro Bono” attorney… and you do need to care where they are because a lawyer may only practice in those states in which he or she is liscenced….look in the phone book for lawyers specialising in housing discrimination or landlord-tenant disputes…good luck.

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