Case Sony Digital

Case Sony Digital

Expand your Digital Store With Sony Memory Stick

Designed for digital storage on cameras, camcorders and other handheld devices, Sony memory stick has become a household name. It is a removable Flash Memory Card that represents the whole genre of memory stick. Sony introduced it in 1998 with 4 and 8MB capacities that were increased to 1GB with the first Memory Stick Pro card. Sony has also introduced Memory Sticks for use as I/O devices in such products as Memory Stick cameras, GPS systems and Bluetooth modules.

Memory sticks are be used to save data of various types like text, audio or video files in electronic devices such as HandyCams, DigiCams. Memory sticks offer more storage capacity and faster file transfer. Latest mobile phones with sophisticated functionalities require memory sticks to make room for data to be stored by the users. Music, still images, videos, etc require plenty of space. Most of the mobile phones have limited data storing capability and hence fail to make room for all these. So, users find one trusted name, Sony memory stick , to store them.

Technically, a Sony memory Stick is used as storage media for portable devices, in a way that can easily be removed and transferred to a personal computer. For example you can take the case of Sony Digital cameras that use Memory Sticks for storing image files. Now, with a Memory Stick-capable reader, a user can copy the pictures taken with the Sony Digital Camera off to his computer. The reader that is used is typically a small box, which connects via USB or some other serial connection.

Apart from copying image files from Digital Cameras, by using Sony memory stick , One can also copy other types of files, and that is both to and from the stick. One can also have readers that use PCMCIA, CompactFlash, 3.5″ floppy drive, and even some other formats. Thus, having a memory stick from Sony, you will never be short of digital space for his electronic devices.

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