Center Pinch Lens

Center Pinch Lens
Eye feels irritated after putting on ripped contact?

Well this morning after putting in my right contact in, I kept feeling a scratching feeling on the top right corner of my right eye, but I thought I put it in wrong so I took it out and tried to put it back on. I still felt it and only this time my eye started watering like crazy trying to get it out.

A little later I inspected the lens to find out that it had two little rips in the center of the contact. Could that have been the problem?

I guess I pinch too hard when taking out the contact (I try not to use my nails, but I end up still doing it)

Can I put some eye drops to make it feel better?

It’s nothing bad. I don’t feel pain or have any loss in sight, just irritation.

Also my eye isn’t red anymore.
The real question is, can I do anything to relieve the irritation on my eye?

I didn’t know it was ripped until I took it off the second time and inspected it in the light.

Do not put a damaged contact in. You will irritate your eye and may damage it as well.

When a contact gets damaged, the edges of the rip are not smooth. They can simply irritate, or they can also end up cutting your eye. A shallow cut will heal, but if it ends up going deep, you could scratch your cornea or worse. Maybe even irreparable damage.

Visine may make the irritation go away once the contact is removed.

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