Charger Battery Casio

Charger Battery Casio
Where can i find a battery charger for this camera(pic included)? What memory card could i use? it a casio exilm youtube camera with a np60 Lithium Ion Battery thathas 3.7V,720mAh ,2.7Wh and 12.1 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom
I do not see a model number!!!!!!

What happened to the charger that came with the camera?

The camera uses a SD card, maybe even a SDHC card, but you seem to have forgotten to tell us the actual model number of your camera. Without it there are too many variables.

You can call Casio and have them send you a charger. That is the most direct way to approach your dilemma


Digital Camera Battery Travel Charger with Car Adapter for CASIO NP-60